Past Event | March 14-18

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OSG All-Hands Meeting 2022

Registration is now open, find details on the All-Hands Website.

The OSG All-Hands Meeting 2022 will be 14–18 March 2022.

Focus areas for 2022 will include:

  • State of OSG and vision for its future
  • New types of resources that support new types of applications
  • Research that benefitted from OSG
  • Campus services and experiences, and NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*)
  • Impact on multi-institutional collaborations, including U.S. LHC Projects

Online participation will continue to be free, but registration is required. To register visit the AHM registration page. The event will be entirely virtual this year.

For further details, visit:

For questions, please see the contacts on the page linked above or, as always, write to [email protected].


14-18 March 2022


Researchers, Campuses and Organizations, Site Administrators, and Collaborations interested in OSG, science and high-throughput computing.




Online participation will continue to be free.


Registration is required. Visit the All-Hands Website for complete event and registration information.


For questions, write to [email protected].