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HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS) provides an array of services for automating and managing High Throughput workloads and computing capacity.


HTCondor is a software system that creates a High-Throughput Computing (HTC) environment. It effectively uses the computing power of machines connected over a network, be they a single cluster, a set of clusters on a campus, cloud resources either standalone or temporarily joined to a local cluster, or international grids. Power comes from the ability to effectively harness shared resources with distributed ownership.

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The HTCondor-CE software is a Compute Entrypoint (CE) based on HTCondor for sites that are part of a larger computing grid (e.g. European Grid Infrastructure, Open Science Grid). As such, HTCondor-CE serves as a "door" for incoming resource allocation requests (RARs) — it handles authorization and delegation of these requests to a grid site's local batch system. Supported batch systems include Grid Engine, HTCondor, LSF, PBS Pro/Torque, and Slurm.

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Through the OSG consortium, PATh provides a variety of software that integrate with the OSG fabric of services.

OSPool Access Point (AP)

This specialized HTCSS Access Point (AP) allows a user to submit locally and have their jobs run locally or, if the user chooses and if local resources are unavailable, have their jobs automatically flock to OSG.

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Data Cache

OSDF Caches transfer data to clients such as jobs or users. A set of caches are operated across the OSG for the benefit of nearby sites; in addition, each site may run its own cache in order to reduce the amount of data transferred over the WAN.

Data Origin

Origins store copies of users' data. Each community (or experiment) needs to run one origin to export its data via the federation.


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