OSPool Hits Record Number of Jobs

The OSPool processed over 2.6 million jobs during the week of April 14th - 17th this year and ran over half a million jobs on two separate days that week.

OSPool users and collaborators are smashing records. In April, researchers submitted a record-breaking number of jobs during the week of April 14th – 2.6 million, to be exact. The OSPool also processed over 500k jobs on two separate days during that same week, another record!

Nearly 60 projects from different fields contributed to the number of jobs processed during this record-breaking week, including these with substantial usage:

  • BioMedInfo: University of Pittsburgh PI Erik Wright of the Wright Lab, develops and applies software tools to perform large-scale biomedical informatics on microbial genome sequence data.
  • Michigan_Riles: University of Michigan PI Keith Riles leads the Michigan Gravitational Wave Group, researching continuous gravitational waves.
  • chemml: PI Olexandr Isayev from Carnegie-Mellon University, whose group develops machine learning (ML) models for molecular simulations.
  • CompBinFormMod: Researcher PI Geoffrey Hutchison from the University of Pittsburgh, looking at data-driven ML as surrogates for quantum chemical methods to improve existing processes and next-generation atomistic force fields.

Any researcher tackling a problem that can run as many self-contained jobs can harness the capacity of the OSPool. If you have any questions about the Open Science Pool or how to create an account, please visit the FAQ page on the OSG Help Desk website. Descriptions of active OSG projects can be found here.

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